Monday, October 25, 2010

this is MY CHAIR!

David and I are walking around Home Goods last week, and I see the cute chair. Its the perfect size for Caleb. I take Caleb out of the stroller to walk around. Do you know this little stinker walks straight to the chair and sits in it. He knew exactly what mommy was thinking. After I saw him in it, I had to get it. We bring it home and put it in the living room. He has a blast sitting in his chair like a big boy and watching TV.

Well, this weekend I was trying to put a cover on it to protect it from the drrol, food, and dirt I know he will get on it. So far it doesnt matter what I cover it with, he hates it and tries to take it off. Ive tried a towel, a sheet, towel then doesnt matter because he KNOWS its covered. Guess Im gonna have to look for a stiped flat sheet to cover it with, mayeb that will fool him...doubt it.

Here is Caleb in his BIG BOY chair!

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Re Re said...

He is delicious!