Monday, August 12, 2013

Caleb's 4 Year Appt. and Ethan's Hair Cut

Our Monster is 4 years old!!!  Hes such a big boy!  I took him to the doc last Friday and he is 37 pounds and 40 1/4 inches tall.  He passed his vision test, but failed his hearing.  I will need to follow-up with the ENT and audiologist.  He is also anemic....he doesn't eat red meat, so I made sure his new vitamin includes iron.  Hopefully that helps with his low iron levels.  He is so excited for his party this Saturday too!!!

Beef needed a hair cut, and I had been putting it off because he is our baby. His hair is all over the place. I knew once I cut it, he would loose that baby look. He looks so cute though!!! He's gone from Beef to Mr. Beef :)

 So handsome!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Walking, talking, stats, and fireplace

Lots of things happening in the James household!  Ethan is fully walking now!  Hes also doing some talking as well!  He can say momma, daddy, bye; he waves bye, signs "all done", and "milk".  Hes been a little late on talking, but I attribute that to the constant ear infections hes had.  Now, we seem to be in the clear though!!!!  We just had his 15mo appt.  Hes 28lbs, and 30.5 inches long.  He's really living up to his nickname, the BEEF.
Here are some pics of the things that have been going on!
Caleb learning how to cut the grass with Daddy
 The boys LOVE taking a bath together
 Here is Caleb and his best friend Finlay at a birthday party
 Ethan loves throwing up his #1...such a stinker!
 Yummy water to drink
We had our fireplace removed.  Here are the before and after pics. 
 Ethan likes looking at mommy's phone.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I know its been a while......

Our Ethan just turned 1!  Oh my gosh where did the time go??????  I know I haven't posted in a while; I've been posting on facebook....its just so much easier.

Ethan has been doing great!  Hes crawling all over the place now, and he has 3 teeth!  We call him "Snaggletooth" :)  He really is a good baby, he sleeps all throughout the night for mommy and daddy.   David and I could eat his face he is so stinkin cute!  The teachers at daycare love him as well!  Ethan enjoys watching Caleb do all the silly things he does.  No stats yet, but I would say hes at least 25 pounds!  No lie!

Caleb is doing great as well!  He ADORES being a big brother.  The first thing he does when we wakes up is ask for Ethan...if hes awake, he runs to him.  I hope the brotherly love stays, its so sweet.
The boys love taking a bath together. 
Caleb decorating eggs for Easter. 
Daddy smashed cake in my face :( 
The daycare decorated his bed for his birthday! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What a CrAZy LIFE!

Wow!  Life with 2 kids is crazy busy!  I swear I dont know what I did with all my spare time before I had kids....its a distant memory.  My spare time is spent SLEEPING!  :)  It can be stressful, but I do love it.

Ethan will be 6 months old this month!  OMG where has the time gone!  Hes a chunky monkey for sure!  I dont doubt he weighs over 20 lbs.  Hes in 9-12mo clothing already.  We call him our Michelin Man and Mr. Needy.  He is VERY needy...always wants the attention.  See the pics below how cute he looks.  Ethan is working on a tooth, working on sitting up by himself, talks a lot, laughs, and is on baby food.  Hes growing up so fast.

Caleb is doing great as well.  He is in Preschool 1 at school and he doing awesome.  The class is now more structured as it will be when he starts kindergarten.  He is so smart too!  I wish I could record the things that come out of his mouth! 
He is such an awesome big brother!  He loves to give Ethan hugs and kisses, and he will do WHATEVER it takes to get a laugh out of him.  I try so hard sometimes to get him to laugh, but Caleb comes along and act like superman and the laughter just starts.  Ethan looks at him with such love and amazement.  Its beautiful to watch.

Friday, July 20, 2012

3 months already

Wow.  Where has the time gone?!  It has been CRAZY, but everyone is good.  Ethan is 3 months and is giving us smiles everyday. 
Caleb went to a new daycare this month, but we decided to put him back at the original one.  It was just not for him.  Hes so happy to be back at the Goddard School with his friends.  Watching him on camera at the new school was literally breaking my heart.
Im back at work now and Im picking things back up easier than I thought.  BUT I came back to 2 people no longer being here and another 2 people on vacation.  AHHHHHHH!

So we are still here alive and hanging in there!  I will try to post some pictures later!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ethan's Pictures

As always, Maria, my SIL takes BEAUTIFUL pictures.  Here are some of the pictures she took of Ethan.  He was NOT very cooperative though!

She also was able to take some pictures of Caleb and Ethan together!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ethan's Story

Wow...where do I begin.  I know its been a while since I've posted, but life with 2 kids is just plain CRAZY!

Ethan arrived as planned on 4/19 at 1:02pm at 7lb 5oz. and 20 in long.  I didn't have the start I expected though.  I woke up at 4am Thursday morning with a horrible headache.   I took my blood pressure and it was 146/95.  After resting for a while it didn't change.  I called the nurse and she said to go ahead and come in....I wasn't scheduled to come in til 10:30am.  I was supposed to have  So we start getting ready to go...we took our time because we knew what we were in for.  After Ethan was born everything went pretty smooth.  Of course that 1st night I could not sleep for anything...again with the nerves!  It didn't help that David was sick fighting a cold and snoring!  Oh did I mention the week before Ethan was born, Caleb had strep AGAIN!  

Pics of Ethan at the hospital.
But anyway, back on track.  I didn't have a great night nurse like I did the 1st time, but we got through it.  All in all the hospital stay wasn't that bad.  We arrived home Sat. night.   Caleb was sick with a stomach bug ...started on Friday.  So Sunday through Thursday it was all 4 of us...not what I had planned!  I went through postpartum a bit more this time around, so that didn't help.  David was so great.  He took care of the 3 of us!!  He changed ALL of Caleb's diapers while he was sick...I know that must have been fun ;-)    

While in the hospital I got the Tdap shot, well the side effects are true.  You feel very run down, your stomach gets upset, frequent bathroom stops, chills, and fever.  No fun having this while recovering from having a baby.  David got the shot as well a few days later.  We both though we came down with something, not until a few days later did we realize it was a reaction to the Tdap shot!

So after we all get better, we finally start settling in.  Caleb has been great with Ethan!  Hes really good at putting the pacifier back in his mouth :)  We are trying to keep him involved as much as possible.  He loves to help.

Here is Ethan at 1 week
Here is our Caleb monster.  Hes getting so BIG. 
As for today, we are all settled in.  Ethan is working on a routine.  Hes at 4oz every 3 hours.  We go to the doc tom for his 4 week checkup.  Its already been a month!  Where did the time go?!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ethan's Room is Ready!

Ethan's room is finally ready. We only have a week left!!!!! Took us a bit longer to do the 2nd time around as we are always busy with We went with a monkey theme. I got some really nice chocolate colored black-out curtains for his room since Ethan's window faces west. My dad also made a toy chest for Ethan, but I dont have a good picture of it yet :( If you know my dad, you know its good! Just go look at Caleb's blanket chest and our breakfast table.

David's parents got us the crib, which is gorgeous! Pictures do not do it justice!!!!

My parents got us the matching dresser. You can see the monkey hamper, and I've got a monkey changing over on the dresser.
A cute monkey lamp I found online....
And of course Caleb just being cute at Target....
A small conversation with Caleb that we had in the car ride home from school:
Mommy: Are you excited for Ethan to be here?
Caleb: Yes, he is going to be little
Mommy: Thats right. Do you want Ethan to sit next to your seat?
Caleb: No, Molly sit here (molly is my mom's dog). Molly is little. MiMi sit next to Molly, MiMi little too. And Grandpa sit next to Mommy (passenger seat). Grandpa big.
Mommy: O, so Mimi is little and Grandpa is big? What about Abita and Papi?
Caleb: Abita little and Papi big
Mommy: And what about ReRe (David's sister), Tio Daniel, Paypay (Payton) and Shicha (Mischa)?
Caleb: ReRe little, Tio Daniel big, Paypay little, and Shicha little.
Mommy: Ok, if Molly and MiMi sit next to Caleb, where will baby Ethan sit?
Caleb: In the back....
Caleb loves his brother so much already!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

36 weeks

So.....36 weeks. I've been uncomfortable for a few weeks now....especially at night. Mr. Ethan has been getting the hiccups the past week. At least once a day now he gets them. I assume hes working on his breathing :) Caleb had the hiccups a lot as well, so it doesn't surprise me that Ethan has them as well. I'm definitely more round now than I was at this point with Caleb.
This past weekend was VERY busy. We had a garage sale, crawfish boil, we put Ethan's crib together, and I moved the spare room items out of Ethan's room if they didn't belong. I paid for it Sunday night and Monday. I was so feet, back and belly hurt. But I feel much better about where Ethan's room is right now. We still need to go in the attic to get all the baby clothes down so I can wash them. David, that was a hint if you didn't get it!
I've only got 3 weeks left of work. I've decided to take the 3 days before my C-section as vacation. I could use the rest. I go to the doc tom and I think she does a check on me to see if I've made any progress. I doubt it....
Ethan at 36 weeks
Caleb at 35 weeks

Thursday, March 8, 2012

33 weeks

Ugh....Im tired. Im 33 weeks now. I know I will get more uncomfortable, but I think Im just plain tired. Its hard to bend over, I need to have a pillow on my back when I sit down, my feet swell when I wear heels to work, and I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. As soon as I stop moving and sit down when I get home I start to fall asleep. I just feel blah....

Anyways, this wasnt supposed to be a rant, just a picture post. Here are the pics!

I think Im a little bigger than I was with Caleb. I go to the doc next Tuesday.
Here is Caleb at 32 weeks.
Ethan at 33 weeks