Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1 week old today!

So I know many of you are curious how we are all doing. We are actually doing great, handling it one day at a time. Caleb gets more beautiful everyday. Hes such a good baby. He can actually lay around looking around without fussing. I know David and I are very blessed to have such a good baby.
Im getting up an moving around pretty well. David is being such a great daddy and husband. He does everything and anything ask of him. He has to go back to work on Thursday, but my mom is also here and will be here for another2 weeks. She helps out SO MUCH! Im so thankful that she could take this much time off work to come help. Thanks FRB!!!!
Caleb had his 1st doctors appt. yesterday, and everything looks great. Hes now a 1/2 inch bigger, so 21 inches now! Must be all those hiccups that hes been getting. He had them in my belly all the time and it continues outside the womb.
Here is a picture of Caleb taken today in his lounger. He LOVES this thing!!! And so do I!


latrellp said...

He is so cute ... I am so happy for you and David! you guys have waited for this for sometime now! Caleb is lucky to have such wonderful parents! and you guys are so blessed to have him! Cant wait to see him!

Maria said...

His hair is finally sticking up! I've been trying so hard to get it up! He's ready to take pictures for Re Re!