Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ethan's Story

Wow...where do I begin.  I know its been a while since I've posted, but life with 2 kids is just plain CRAZY!

Ethan arrived as planned on 4/19 at 1:02pm at 7lb 5oz. and 20 in long.  I didn't have the start I expected though.  I woke up at 4am Thursday morning with a horrible headache.   I took my blood pressure and it was 146/95.  After resting for a while it didn't change.  I called the nurse and she said to go ahead and come in....I wasn't scheduled to come in til 10:30am.  I was supposed to have  So we start getting ready to go...we took our time because we knew what we were in for.  After Ethan was born everything went pretty smooth.  Of course that 1st night I could not sleep for anything...again with the nerves!  It didn't help that David was sick fighting a cold and snoring!  Oh did I mention the week before Ethan was born, Caleb had strep AGAIN!  

Pics of Ethan at the hospital.
But anyway, back on track.  I didn't have a great night nurse like I did the 1st time, but we got through it.  All in all the hospital stay wasn't that bad.  We arrived home Sat. night.   Caleb was sick with a stomach bug ...started on Friday.  So Sunday through Thursday it was all 4 of us...not what I had planned!  I went through postpartum a bit more this time around, so that didn't help.  David was so great.  He took care of the 3 of us!!  He changed ALL of Caleb's diapers while he was sick...I know that must have been fun ;-)    

While in the hospital I got the Tdap shot, well the side effects are true.  You feel very run down, your stomach gets upset, frequent bathroom stops, chills, and fever.  No fun having this while recovering from having a baby.  David got the shot as well a few days later.  We both though we came down with something, not until a few days later did we realize it was a reaction to the Tdap shot!

So after we all get better, we finally start settling in.  Caleb has been great with Ethan!  Hes really good at putting the pacifier back in his mouth :)  We are trying to keep him involved as much as possible.  He loves to help.

Here is Ethan at 1 week
Here is our Caleb monster.  Hes getting so BIG. 
As for today, we are all settled in.  Ethan is working on a routine.  Hes at 4oz every 3 hours.  We go to the doc tom for his 4 week checkup.  Its already been a month!  Where did the time go?!

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