Monday, July 26, 2010


So, some good news...Caleb has another tooth!!!! The left one came through Friday. So within 2 weeks, hes got 2 teeth! I will miss his gummy smile...I know teeth will change his look completely!

Bad news.

Last Thursday, the 15th, I came home to a flooded house. There was an inch of water in the entire house. The back part of our bedroom, and the back part of Caleb's room, where the only rooms not affected. So we called the insurance co. and they sent Serve Pro out to come and extract the water. The water was coming out of the weep holes on the oustide of the house. So Serve Pro came in cleaned up the water, took out the carpet padding and put about 30 blower fans in the house (along with some humidifers so soak up the water). The 3 of us have been shacking up David's parents house. We are very blessed that they live this close, and have the room for us. Of course they dont mind, because we have Caleb to bribe them with...hehe The blowers left last Monday and since then, David and I have been working with our insurance co. on what needs to be done. We've had different contractors out to give us estimates, along with a wazoo of carpet people.

Last Friday work FINALLY got started on the house. It was just patching the drywall, but it was a start! Most of the baseboards got ripped out, along with the toe kicks from the cabinets. This week, David's dad will be at the house supervising the work. We are extremly greatful that his parents are able to help us out so much. Once the baseboards are in, we can move back in. I cant have Caleb crawling around with no baseboards and nails sticking out.

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