Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The worst has YET to come

I knew this time would come, and I know it will only get worse from here. Caleb is in to EVERYTHING!!! I am not fast enough for his path of destruction. I didnt get a picture of the mess he created. Here is what happened last night. Take a deep breath....this is long.

I got home before 5 and fed Caleb a snack....gotta fuel him up so he can destroy the house. I immediately start making his dinner (chicken and potatoes) and start a load of laundry. Caleb is finished his snack, so off he goes to play with his toys. He starts "demanding" the "hot dog" song from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I go over to the TV and find it on the DVR..he requests that I keep playing the song...took about 5 times for him to get tired of it and move onto something else. He goes to the fridge and throws down all the magnets he has...thats his version of playing with them. He likes the sound they make on the tile. He then moves on to the Tupperware cabinet. It now becomes hazardous to my health to cook in the kitchen.
He wants to play with anything I have in my hands....pot cover, spoon, rice, chicken, etc. Now he wants to eat (its only 5:45)! I try to hold off until 6, but the screaming wont stop, so I feed him as the food is getting finished. He keeps requesting "more". After his dinner, he is still hungry, so I offer him some baby food fruit. He likes this when hes teething. He eats about half then doesnt want anymore. I put the lid back on and Caleb wants to play with it...fine. Whatever will keep you busy, so mommy can finish dinner and do laundry.
So while Im switching loads, he figures out how to open the baby food. Its ALL over him! Fine, I take his shirt off and wipe him clean. The continuation of the destruction can now continue. Im hanging clothes up to dry and Caleb thinks its hilarious to take all the wet clothes out of the dryer. He drags about 1/2 the clothes out of the laundry room and into the rest of the house. I put the clothes back and start the dryer.
As Im finishing hanging the clothes, Caleb finds 2 packs of diapers that I havent picked up, so hes pushing the bags around the floor. He realizes thats not fun, and starts to go through his diaper bin (loose diapers are here for when I change him). Takes all the diapers out, powder, lotion, everything. He gets to his dresser drawers and starts taking things out of there.
I get him to come back in the living room with me, to play with the toys that are actually toys. As soon as the timer goes off for the rice, its time for Caleb to go to bed so mommy can take a breath!

He really is becoming the nickname we use for him...a MONSTER!

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Re Re said...

And he does it all with a poker face!