Monday, August 9, 2010

WooHoo! Im 1 year old!

Our baby boy is now 1 year old! He went to the doc on Friday for his check-up and some shots :( Here are his stats:

23 lbs, 2oz
30 1/2 in long
18 1/2 - head

Hes crawling and getting everywhere. Hes working on standing and taking some small steps while holding onto things. He loves trying to climb into things, like his police car! We are also bottle free!!! YAY! This weekend we made his night-time bottle a sippy and he took it without hesitation! The last thing to do is remove the formula completely. Hes on all whole milk now too! Well except for that night-time sippy of 2oz. Thats my next thing to get rid of. After I remove that night-time sippy, I want to remove the pacifier....but all in time.

Caleb is also in the big room at daycare! He loves it in his new room, better and bigger toys to play with!

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