Thursday, March 12, 2009


Im almost 19 weeks and I finally felt the baby move. Ive been waiting for this for awhile, and knew being a 1st time mom, it might take a bit longer. Well last night I felt him/her move. I had eaten something that upset my stomach yesterday and I was paying for it last night. As most 1st moms do, they dismiss possible movement as an upset stomach. Well I actually had both. My upset stomach pressure and pain subsided, but I still felt that "upset stomach feeling", but there was no pain or pressure accompanied with it. Then it clicked!!!! Thats the baby moving!!! Ive had this feeling for a while now and just brushed it off for nerves with my new job or it must be something I ate. So now that I "know" the feeling, Im feeling the baby about 30 min after I eat, or drink something with caffine in it. Its very exciting, and I cant wait til David gets to feel the baby move.

We also should be able to hear the heartbeat with a stehoscope in the next few weeks! My next appt. is on the 26th for the ultrasound! Stay posted after the 26th for an update with pics!

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